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Performance Parts & Services

Custom-Made Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifolds, & Carburetor Spaces

Enhancing engine performance by increasing the air flow is a complicated task. The carburetor, carburetor spacer, restrictor plate (if required), intake manifold, cylinder head, exhaust manifold, and system must all perform as a seamless unit to achieve the optimum in induction, combustion, and exhaust efficiency. All of these components are important, but a properly modified cylinder head is the key to producing race-winning horsepower. Anything from Mild to Wild!

However, finding the ideal shape and volume for both the ports and combustion chamber is a complex, time-consuming task. Porting a cylinder head for peak performance requires the proper tooling, a flow bench, access to an engine dynamometer, and, above all, years of knowledge and experience. The same expertise and equipment is required to properly modify intake manifolds and carburetor spacers. Given the time, knowledge, experience, and tools required to prepare a race-winning intake tract, most racers are far better off having the work performed by professionals like those at Steve's Head Shed in Blacksburg, South Carolina.

Machining Services

  • Lifter Bushing Installation (SBC & SBF)
  • Fuel Pump Push Rod (Late Model SBC)
  • Machine Deck Services Index off of Main Bore (SBC & SBF)
  • Line Bore Capabilities on SBC & SBF
  • Cylinder Sleeve Installation on all Engines
  • Cylinder Boring Honing
  • Crank Shaft Balancing
  • Cam Doctor Services
  • Connecting Rod Reconditioning
  • Race Ready Cylinder Heads

Engine Block Machine 1 Machine 2 Man working machine

Customized Jobs

Our shop contains everything needed to produce the highest-quality cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and carburetor spacers for any type of racing on any-size track. We specialize in heads and manifolds for the Ford 2300cc and Toyota 1800cc engines, but also build heads for most L4 or V8 engines. Every head, manifold, and spacer is regarded as a custom job that will conform to your class rules, yet give you the power and acceleration to run up front.